Having a new website created can be a long (and potentially stressful) process… We’ve been there! With every passing day you’re finding new content gaps that need filling and stock imagery just won’t cut it.

Our website and social media packages aim to completely solve this problem for you. You’ll have an extensive archive of engaging and brand-consistent content to kit out your whole website and provide you with enough visuals for at least 12 months of social media! We work alongside you and your website designer to ensure no stone is left unturned. Wave goodbye to content worries!

What's on offer?


Benefit from a content creation meeting upon booking, whereby we work with you to learn about your brand, values and USP’s. We’ll discuss styling, colours, tone of voice and work out the logistics of your shoot. You’ll receive a content plan outlining the strategy and key deliverables so you can rest assured we will supply all the tools you need for your marketing activities.

Web/Social Hint: If you’re having a new website built, this is the perfect time to send us those initial designs. Seeing your new web layout will really help us accurately plan your content!


Tired of relying on stock images and smartphones for your photography needs? We help businesses by producing photography that is tailored to you. Headshots, meet the team photography, working action shots – you name, we’ll shoot it! We’ll provide enough photography to kit-out your whole website AND all of your social platforms for at least 12 months! Wave goodbye to stock photography, your own archive of beautiful imagery is incoming.

Web/Social Hint: Photography can be a bit daunting for teams… especially for those who are a little camera shy! We get it, not many people love being photographed… but fear not, we’ll send you helpful PDF’s prior to your shoot that will get you mentally prepped for the shoot! You’ll have fun, we promise!


Video content is a fantastic way of showing your audience how your products or services work. You can incorporate a promotional video within your ‘Website Package’ OR a selection of short, fun and punchy social media videos. Photography & video work hand-in-hand to keep your customer engaged and enjoying their journey throughout your website.

Web/Social Hint: If you’d like to incorporate video within your Website Package, we can absolutely do so across a 1, 1.5 or 2-day shoot. We’ll work out the logistics of your photo & video shoot and tailor the package to your requirements.


The anticipation can all be a bit to much when waiting for an edit… We get it, it’s exciting stuff! To wet your whistle whilst we work on your edit, we create a #sneakpeek post on our social media platforms approximately 1 week after your shoot. You can see how your content is coming along and you receive a shout out for your business!

Web/Social Hint: We’ll be sure to follow/tag you on social media so that you can get the most out of your #sneakpeek! We’ll also send you the photos/videos we intend to use for this BEFORE we post it online… so don’t panic, no unwelcomed surprises! 😉


We pride ourselves on our in-depth and professional editing service – this process is just as important as your shoot and it’s where the content all comes together. We usually spend about 60% of the total project time in the studio editing away like little photoshop gremlins… From image masking to retouching to beautiful colour grades, all of your content will have a consistent style that stays true to your brand and vibe!

Web/Social Hint: Once your edit is complete, you’ll receive access to your very own online gallery. It’s beautifully presented and super easy to use! You can download both high & low-res files directly from here so no need to worry about re-sizing your images. We’ll also give your web-designer direct access if it’s helpful.

Prices start from £675

Like what you see?

Professional photos does NOT mean boring photos. We make your photography all about YOU. Your team, brand, vision and values. Our work is super vibrant, energetic and personality driven.

We would love you to get in touch and discuss your visual content requirements further with a member of our team…

Tired of relying on stock images or smartphone snaps?

More professional photography than you can shake a tripod at! Benefit from an unlimited amount of top notch photography each year. Fresh and punchy imagery tailored to your marketing needs.

Our flagship package – AWESOME visual content, all year round…

Photography, Video, Graphics. We work with your marketing department to plan your visual content strategy for the coming year. We pinpoint the areas YOUR clients want to hear about and give you the tools for exceptional delivery.

Want to save money on regular & professional videos?

We remove all of your stress with planning, direction and the best pre and post-production. Benefit from unlimited professional vlogs each year, an archive of exciting and topic-specific videos for all of your digital needs.