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Skip50’s 10 top tips on writing a killer creative brief!

By Sophie | June 27, 2022

We’ve read a creative brief or two during our time here at Skip50. We’ve had them arrive into our inbox in all shapes and sizes but sadly, we’ve also had pricing requests on projects without any details at all. Mental right?!

Like most things in business, creative projects often come with budget boundaries and involvement from multiple stakeholders.

That’s why it’s pivotal to have everyone working towards the same vision from start to finish – a blueprint for success we like to call it!

Yes, the idea of a creative brief sounds simple, but it can be hard to communicate your vision to a stranger. We wouldn’t be ‘Your Partner in Content’ if we didn’t give you the tools to get the most out of our fabulous team of creatives from the onset. We have therefore consolidated our many years of experience to share 10 top tips on writing a killer creative brief…

1. Company background

A comprehensive summary of your business will help us get a good understanding of you, your values and USP’s. We suggest you outline:

  • Who you are
  • Where your based
  • What your team looks like
  • Your products / services
  • Your competitors
  • Who are your key internal stakeholders?
  • Include web links, social platforms, company brochures etc
  • Any other helpful background material

We will dig deep into what makes you, YOU, to find a perfect project solution – help us to live and breathe your brand!

2. Your objectives with this project

A summary of the project and how it came about is helpful. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a solution, that’s what we are here for. We just need to understand what problem needs solving and how can we measure its success?

E.g. We need to grow awareness of our core offering or we need to increase the visibility of our expert team.

3. Clarify your audience

Precisely indicating who your message is for will be key to making sure it’s heard. We suggest you outline:

  • Who your customer is
  • How have you been trying to reach them?
  • What is the demographic? 
  • What is their interests, buying motivations, preferred means of contact etc.

Just because you’ve thrown enough sh*t, doesn’t mean it will stick. Let’s communicate with your audience in a more refined manner.

4. Be specific about what you DO want

We think we’re pretty good, but we’re not mind readers. No matter how small or insignificant you think it may be, any details you can share on elements you would definitely like to be featured are always gratefully received.

This might be certain brand guidelines, that a video has to work for TikTok but also your website etc…

5. Be specific about what you DON’T want

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one… Time is money. If you know something is a no-go. Mention it yeah? 😉


6. Provide brand details

The tone and style of our work should be consistent with your overall campaign. Identifying a few brand details can ensure a unified feel from the get-go.

  • What tone of voice should we use? E.g. Informal, professional…CHEEKY 😉
  • What colours, assets or techniques should be incorporated? E.g. Gen-Z love a fancy transition!

7. Provide a budget

Put frankly, you wouldn’t go into a Jaguar dealership with a Peugeot 108 budget. When an agency looks at providing a marketing solution, its important that understand what tools are in its scope. 

Realistic budgets = Realistic proposals in return – Let’s save the back and forth.

 If your worried your selected agency will use these figures to push up the price, our guess is it’s not the reputable agency you’d hoped for and get out… QUICK!

8. Set realistic timeframes

At Skip50 we have a relatively standard, 2-3 week turnaround for photography and 4-6 week turnaround for for videography. With that said, this is completely dependent on our diary.

If timeframes are discussed from the beginning, we can confirm whether these are achievable and can be held accountable for reaching them. 

We have been known for knocking things out in a week, which goes to show if you ask you don’t ask you don’t get. But more importantly if you assume – you make an ass-out-of-u-and-me!


9. Provide feedback

Feedback is one of the most valuable aspects of the creative process. The beauty of working with outsiders is a broadened archive of experience, but you still are the king of the castle and will have the best information on what makes your customers tick. Getting your opinion on a ideas and design is essential. Please don’t hold your cards close to your chest, this will always be a combined effort

10. Trust your agency!

It is important to remember you picked us, your agency for a reason. It might be because we align with your values, we have experience within your industry or we have resource that you don’t. 

YOU chose US and if you have followed the above steps, we are well and truly briefed with a fabulous creative proposal! It is now important to give us the room to do what we do best. We will always come to you with updates!

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

 We would love you to get in touch and discuss your visual content requirements further with a member of our team.