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How we will work safely during COVID-19

By Sophie | November 2, 2020

As a company, we understand and respect the importance of having the correct regulations in place given the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Outlined below are the key measures being introduced for the safety of our team and of course, our wonderful clients…

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Following the government PPE guidance, personal protective equipment is to be made available to all those in attendance on a shoot. This equipment will include face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes.

Our staff

Only 1 member of our team will attend each shoot, unless it is absolutely essential that more people attend. This will be confirmed in good time as part of our pre-production handover.


We are asking anyone that we see face-to-face for an essential meeting or scheduled shoot to fill out a simple 2 minute survey so that we can keep everyone in the loop should we have any issues in the future.


When attending a shoot, all those in attendance are to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly. All kit will be cleaned with alcohol wipes before and after a shoot.


Public transport is to be avoided wherever possible. Taxis will be provided for shoot attendees where necessary.

Social Distancing

Were possible (and practical to do so), everyone attending a shoot is to maintain a distance of at least 2-meters from each another.


Regular COVID-19 risk assessments will be carried out and new measures / processes will be put it place following any changes in Government guidance.

Back to business?

If you’re getting back to business and ready to book your shoot, we would love you to get in touch to discuss your visual content requirements further.