Test Days

TEST DAY: Food & Drink Photography

By Laura | April 6, 2020

The Skip50 have been thinking how we can test new things, push our own knowledge and continuously level up our skills with total creative freedom so that we can then put into practice what we have learnt for our lovely clients?

The answer? A SKIP50 TEST DAY! Once a month our team of in-house expert creatives get together to try new ideas, research and put into practice skills we want to refine, or even learn something new! We’ve been doing this for a little while now and thought we’d share some results and the ideas and inspiration behind them.

For one recent test day, we chose to focus on Food and Drink Photography, a particular favourite of the photography team! We thought about a few things when considering what we’d chosen to do with our test day… What images do we see and wish we had created? What brands would we love to work with? What lighting techniques do we want to use? And what look and feel do we want to create that would reflect the brand we chose to use in the best way? Creative direction is essential!

We chose to do a brand focused shot and an editorial shot to showcase our skills. At Skip50 we are all about colour so Pip N’ Nut felt like a perfect brand to focus on. With such a fun brand, we knew we could get creative with this one! We wanted to focus on creating interesting shadows in this shot, adding another element to the image to create interest, we also wanted to create movement to inject some fun, and keep the brand looking exciting! Adding interesting lighting, shadows and movement to the images reflect the brand and stop the shots feeling anything close to a ‘product shot’. 

The same goes for the gin shots we did, crossing over using the product and the product in use to make the gin look mouth watering! Adding elements that are used to create the gin, botanicals and fruit give the shot a bit of a story! Creating content for clients doesn’t always involve seeing the product, but keeping within a look and feel of a brand’s content. So we chose to put into practice our lighting skills for our last shot, a luxurious shot that’s all about creating an aspirational lifestyle, perfect for any bar or restaurant content!