Test Days

TEST DAY: Beauty & Still-life experiments

By Laura | March 6, 2020

Our test days allow our team to get together and consider what new skills or ideas we’d like to put into practice. Whether it’s trying new lighting techniques, styling ideas or video editing ideas, it’s a great opportunity to try new things! 

The inspiration behind one of our recent days was still life paintings, we wanted to recreate lighting that reflects a moody painting. We used a rim light and soft fill light to focus on the subject and create a black background. We also got creative with styling on this one, collating a selection of props to build up an interesting shot with lots of details where the light beautifully catches each object and texture to give a soft and moody outcome. After some lighting experimentation we are feeling pretty good about the outcome, the lighting makes anything glass look slick and luxurious, so this style would be perfect for anything from drinks to food. 

We also went on to create something fun on this test day for our chosen subject – Carbon Theory. Our inspiration came from the idea of showing the product surrounded by props that represent the product and brand. We kept the props in straight organised lines to follow the straight lines of the products we were using. The pop of pink backdrop helps to bring out the pink details in the product and makes the product feel bright, clean and healthy. Ensuring that styling reflects the product and brand is crucial!

We hope you are enjoying seeing the content that is coming out of our recent test days… we’re looking forward to sharing more photography and videography ideas soon!